The world’s first smart contract system based on the Polkadot network that supports leverage and derivatives transactions

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Nirvana System on Polkadot Network

You can use the wallet to connect to the Nirvana System to complete all processes such as lending, trading, and leverage on the chain. Set USD stable currency for settlement, and provide on-chain APIs for programmable automated strategy execution through smart contracts.

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DeFi Characteristics of Nirvana


  • Support leverage and derivatives trading on a pure native chain, integrate DeFi lending system with the trading system, and automatically complete mortgage lending, trading, risk control and other processes through smart contracts, realizing the same experience of all functions to centralized exchanges.
  • Provide a benchmark trading pair with a stable token anchored to the US dollar, which solves the problem of accurate profit calculation and is no longer trapped by ETH price fluctuations.
  • Realize the on-chain API through smart contracts, which allow institution traders to use robots to write and execute automatic trading strategies, thereby truly stimulating the scale of the market.
  • Innovatively solve the problem of decentralization of servers and domains. The system encourages capable users to establish their own decentralized derivative exchange based on Nirvana System, share depth and liquidity, and obtain NIR tokens in return.

NIR - Core of Nirvana System

NIR uses a price of $1 as the anchor benchmark value, and uses a purely DeFi community autonomy form to assume the function of driving the healthy operation of the system.



As a deduction for the gas fee for executing transactions and loans, each coin used in the system is worth at least $1



As a mining reward that provides liquidity and provides servers and domain names, it encourages the healthy operation of the community-driven system



Conduct on-chain governance voting according to the number of holdings, exerting influence on key decisions of the community

DeFi version of BNB with improved AMPL mechanism” -- Daniel Smith, Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA

一分钟读懂全球首个波卡网络衍生品DEX Nirvana:改进AMPL机制的DeFi版BNB -- DeFi实验室中文翻译版



Total 500 millon NIR, 90% locked in liquid mining pool, 9% locked in server mining pool, only 1% Genesis Token

How To Mining NIR


  • 90% (450 million) tokens are initially locked liquid mining pools, which are slowly mined by rewarding users who provide liquidity to the system
  • 9% (45 million) tokens are initially locked server mining pools, which are slowly mined by rewarding developers who provide servers and domain names for the system
  • 1% (5 million) tokens are used as the Genesis Token to drive the initial operation of the system, and the circulation starts externally